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Act of entrustment to the Archangel Michael

Most Noble Prince of the angelic hierarchies,
valiant warrior of the Most High,  
zealous lover of the glory of the Lord,  
terror of rebel angels, love and delight of all righteous angels,
Archangel St. Michael,  
I wish to be in the number of your devotees,  
and to you today I offer myself and give myself . 
I place myself,
my Family,  
my friends, my work and what belongs to me under your watchful protection . 
My offering is small as I am a miserable sinner, but you appreciate the affection of my heart . 
If from today I am under your protection, assist me throughout my life, procure me forgiveness
of my sins,  
the grace of loving my God from the heart, my dear Savior Jesus, mine
Sweet Mother Mary,  
and all my men and brothers loved by the Father and redeemed by the Son. Grant me the help I need 
to get to the crown of glory, defend me 
always from the enemies of my soul, especially in the last instant of my life.
  Come in that hour or glorious Archangel, assist me in the fight and push away from me, into the abyss of hell, that prevaricating and proud angel that you have already won in the fight in Heaven. Present me, then, to the Throne of God to sing with You, Archangel Saint Michael, and with all the angels, praise, honor and glory to Him who reigns forever and ever. Amen.


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