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The penitential message of 08/18 / 2020 

Second Penitential Message of  St. Michael the Archangel dictated to Salvatore Valenti on 18 August 2020

“I am Michael General and Archangel of the Lord, I am here with you at the behest of the Almighty. Take the cross and come from Palermo to Petralia on foot as a penance so that the "Army of Christ" of the Work founded and guided by me may be strong in faith and united so that I can also use you to bring Christian values back to the world. I tell you that the peoples of the western lands once chaste and Christian have become atheists or subjected to other religions professed by impostors, the way that leads to the Father is only that of the son, there are no other ways. The Lord is very angry. His children have lost their faith because of wealth and lust, especially the arrogance of the bosses who rule them. I tell you that if they do not put an end to these things the Lord will punish them, they have forgotten the Gospels of Christ and the laws of God, and that is why I invite the disciple I have chosen to go on the cross as a sign of penance for all of you in the city where the leaders who command reside, to admonish them, abolish the laws that offend God and write a charter of Christian values for the people. Consecrate the lands of the West to the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Sorrows. All those who oppose God's plan will be estranged from the Lord and will not find peace in this world and at the end of time I myself will accompany them to the eternal fire ”.

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