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III penitential message of 7 September 2021

Third Penitential Message of  St. Michael the Archangel dictated to Salvatore Valenti on 07 September 2021

I am Michael, General and Archangel of God, take up the cross and come to Rome to shake the Christian people so that they return to live the Gospel and be saved, I ask you for this penance and peaceful manifestation, so that the values and rights of the Christian people are defended in throughout the West and around the world . 

Bishops who lead the Church must admonish and oppose governments that approve laws in nations that offend God, you must not remain silent, but you must admonish so that many souls are saved and do not end up in hell . 

All the Baptized must live the Gospel and in obedience to the Pope and the Bishops, for your salvation, you must commit yourselves to having laws passed that honor God and you must have all laws that offend God abolished.

Rulers who oppress peoples and  approve laws against life and against nature that offend God, repent while you are in time and make up for mistakes, before it is too late and it will end badly. 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

All the Baptized know that you will give an account to God for your indifference and for having observed some diabolical laws that offend God . 

Repent while there is time and repent . 
Pray to our Lord Jesus, live the gospel and you will be saved.

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