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In a video of September 30, 2012, a tear is seen falling from the eyes of St. Michael in a painting. It is the one placed in Petralia by Salvo Valenti, the young man from Palermo who, it is known, has been talking to the Archangel for years.

Several times he reported the request to politicians (including Europeans) to cancel the laws that offend God and make people suffer: divorce for 50 years in Italy, abortion for 40….

Do they say there is nothing in Petralia? Go yourself and see the fruits… .and the eyes in the picture! Books, newspapers and local and national TVs reported on the apparitions and the theological analysis of the messages received.

Indeed has repeatedly written that word of mouth has meant that many, reciting the Rosary, go up to the picture of the votive shrine located under the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte Alto, in front of the belvedere of Petralia Sottana (PA). On 13 May 2019 devotees of San Giovanni Gemini (AG), then on 8 July 2020 others from Petralia, on 11 October 2020 from Cattolica Eraclea (AG) went to the painting and days later, they discovered that in the photographs taken, the eyes of the Archangel painted closed, they were open! On the evening of 7 October 2019 devotees of Catania saw the painting illuminate from within with its own light.


Perhaps San Michele chose Sicily because it is the only region consecrated to the Madonna, his Queen. Many, even the writer, have gone and testified that thanks to the water blessed by the Archangel, which flows under the painting, their lives have been changed by conversions, healings and liberations!  Other information on Everyone can go because the painting is in the Madonie Park and according to Canon Law everyone, lay people or priests, is allowed to go (to Petralia such as Medjugorje, Ischia, Ghiaie di Bonate etc ...) as long as there is no OFFICIAL pronunciation in the opposite direction! The Church is prudent, but in Sicily and in Europe, many have already understood! The French prayer groups at the Archangel exceeded the number of the Italian ones. Soon the Poles will arrive and also the politicians

Does St. Michael appear to Salvatore Valenti? _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

As a scholar of angelology and Michaelic apparitions, Don Marcello Stanzione conducted an investigation into the extraordinary events of which Salvatore Valenti, a young Palermo recipient of alleged revelations by the Archangel Michael, would be the protagonist. Leaving the final judgment to the Church, the author analyzed in depth the messages, which appear to be of great spiritual edification, while at the same time carrying out a study of general validity on spirituality and micaelic theology anchored on the Bible, on Tradition, on the theological Magisterium and on the stories of the saints who over the centuries have made clear statements about the prince archangel.

Salvo engages the fourth

For years the book that tells of his adventure in the last 15 years has also been published in French, and subsequently the booklet of prayers that St. Michael has expressly asked to recite "in a group on the 29th of each month" (the liturgical feast is the September 29).
Now, near Creuse, in the center of France, for a week, he will meet all the leaders and deputy heads of the Groups in that country and read the messages received, especially the last in which the Archangel forcefully asks to "cancel the laws that offend God and make peoples suffer ": divorce, abortion, etc.
A message that on 20 September 2020 was read in front of the European Parliament in Brussels and on 2 October 2021 in front of the Italian and French Parliaments (and also in front of the Vatican, as they say: "for knowledge" because the Vatican cannot change the laws). Only the Deputies can change the laws and all the Italian ones have already been informed, and the movement is now waiting for answers.

Don Stanzione to the conquest of Sicily to discover the wonders of San Michele

Don Stanzione, the famous expert on Angels, returns to Sicily in Messina. The dates have already been set for Messina, 19 September at 6 pm in the church of San Camillo, in Agrigento on 22, in Caltanissetta on 23 etc. how bad! Thus Don Marcello Stanzione, the only living expert, travels the world with his conferences which attract crowds of priests and devotees.

As 2021 is the Jubilee year of Saint Joseph, it will speak of him, of Saint Michael the Archangel Prince of the Angels, both protectors of the Church and of Saint Camillus de Lellis, famous protector of the sick. He will remember the millennial devotion to St. Michael, a specialist in "social" miracles, that is, for entire cities, nations, continents .... as well as for individuals and that only he could free us from Covid definitively.


Salvo engages the third!

San Michele is back!

The world is getting worse and worse, but Salvo Valenti, the young man from Palermo who has seen St. Michael the Archangel for years, has started his third trip to France to form other prayer groups there too. He has already made about twenty in Sicily, then in February 2020, as reported by many newspapers, more than double between France and Belgium, nations very similar to Italy. Remembering Saint Joan of Arc, a French national hero devoted to the Archangel, she asks us to fight with prayer to eliminate the laws that offend God and make people suffer (divorce, abortion, euthanasia, gender…). All choices contrary to those made by the Creator for our good. In September, the Archangel's request (, was read in front of the seat of the European Parliament in Brussels, then on 17 October in front of the Regional Councils of 10 French Regions, at the Palazzo dei Normanni in Palermo and at the Municipalities of 8 Sicilian municipalities. Without fanfare, various straight-backed politicians from all parties promptly joined. Salvo returns to France recalled to form other groups that, together with the others every 29th of the month, pray for politicians to cancel the wrong laws throughout the West. Even in prayers, unity is strength… .. The prophet Daniel (chapter 12) had already written it 2600 years ago. Soon he will also go to Spain or Medjugorje….


The Battle of Salvo Valenti

150 years after the capture of Porta Pia, Salvo Valenti continues the battle, not in Rome, but in the European Parliament in Brussels . In 1870 they took away the temporal power from the Pope, but this increased his moral power, in fact now he is esteemed all over the world as never before. Those who won in 1870 continue to pass laws that offend God and make men suffer in life and after death. For this reason Salvo, Sicilian, at the request of the Archangel Michael, holding a simple cross in his hand, crossed all of Europe, precisely to ask the European governed to abolish those laws.

The Archangel asked to go up the mountain where his votive shrine is located, twice a year, on the second Sunday in May and the last in September. Well, yesterday 27 last Sunday of September, Salvo was not in Petralia Sottana to obey the Church, but many faithful moved by sincere devotion to the Archangel, throughout the day, despite the rain and the mistral wind from Sicily as from Tuscany, ( the traders can testify), they climbed 750 meters of mule track with faith, repentance and prayer up to the votive shrine dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel. Several times the Bible mentions people and peoples who considered Israel lucky because its God had given it wise and just laws. Today the West must return to those Christian values that made it a beacon of civilization, for example by first giving equal dignity to women, inventing schools and public hospitals etc. All Sicilians consider it a great honor to host this Aedicule of San Michele Arcangelo, wanted by Himself in the heart of Sicily.


Ultimatum in Brussels

Ultimatum in Brussels.  The Sicilian Salvo Valenti, as reported by many newspapers, from Palermo arrived at the European Parliament in Brussels, commissioned by St. Michael the Archangel to publicly report his message in which he asks to report Christian values in the world. In a nutshell: "Westerners have forgotten God for sex, money, wrong laws and above all for the arrogance of the bosses. I then sent a disciple of Mine to the city of bosses, to have the laws that offend God abolished. Who will oppose, he will be damned forever ". Salvo (photo) accompanied by a friend from Agrigento, along the way he visited many Parishes and Prayer Groups in San Michele, always well received, especially in the larger cities! On there is the complete Message, the diary of his journey and also the memory that exactly 2500 years ago, the Sicilians in the bloody battle of Himera won the Carthaginians and imposed them not to make more human sacrifices to the gods! Let us pray that current politicians will have the courage to cancel laws that offend God and remember the biblical giant with feet of clay! No blood is needed, but just the tear that St. Michael the Archangel cried (photo) in his votive shrine in Petralia Sottana (PA) where, since then, healings, liberations and conversions have taken place that no one can count.


Penance crosses all of Italy

Many online and print newspapers have reported St. Michael the Archangel's request for a pilgrimage / penance to bring Christian values back to the West. Salvo Valenti, who for years has been reporting the words of the Archangel, third after the Madonna in the celestial hierarchy, began it on 27 August by setting off from Palermo to Brussels with a friend. Every day he found people everywhere who prayed with him for a few minutes (while respecting the anticovid norms). The prayer groups at S Michele do the same along the way, also offering opportunities for parish testimony and interviews on local TV as has already happened in the provinces of Palermo, Messina, Salerno, Rome, etc. Some remember his  interviews in RAI or old articles, others spontaneously testify to healings and liberations that took place at the votive shrine of Petralia Sottana (PA). Everywhere Salvo reads the harsh message of the Archangel, and he will do the same in front of the European Parliament. Those who do not know it can read it on in short: "sex, money, arrogance have made all the West forget God, but whoever does not repent will be escorted by Him to the gates of hell!" Certainly Salvo Valenti will also visit the French Prayer Groups, often in places linked to St. Michael the Archangel. Still no politician has commented, meanwhile the people follow him and the great family of San Michele grows 



Archangel Michael shakes humanity

Archangel Michael shakes humanity. St. Michael the Archangel asked for a penance that can restore Christian values to the world. The Archangel's reproach is harsh, who admonishes the Western peoples to return pure and chaste, free from subjection to the impostors who profess other religions. First the online newspapers, then the paper ones, then the local TVs have recently spread the news that Salvo Valenti is walking from Palermo to Brussels in Belgium. Every day the disciple chosen by the Archangel finds solidarity in the passers-by who pray with him for a few minutes. Someone remembers his interviews in RAI or old articles, others spontaneously testify to healings and liberations that took place at the votive shrine of Petralia Sottana (PA). Of course there are also those who do not believe or doubt that he spoke in a dream with the Archangel, but it is certain that the popular consensus towards him increases with each passing day. There are also those who do not know the last message ( in which the Archangel admonishes everyone to abandon lust, the obsession with wealth and arrogance. Vices that made God forget! The alternative is clear-cut and hard: either we repent, or He himself will escort us to the gates of hell!

Salvo Valenti reads the message of San Michele in front of the ARS

Salvo Valenti on Saturday 17 October at 11 he publicly read a message for politicians, in Palermo in front of the Norman Palace, seat of the Sicily Region, which being the oldest palace in the world tangibly represents political power.

He received the message from St. Michael the Archangel and he already read it on 20 September in Brussels, in front of the European Parliament, as many newspapers, magazines and TVs reported. The Archangel addresses the most powerful politicians in Europe, because with arrogance they deny the Christian roots of the West (the first to give equal dignity to women, to make hospitals and public schools ..) and have approved _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_reads that offend God and make peoples suffer: such as divorce, abortion, drugs, euthanasia, gender ...  

Well, if they continue, St. Michael the Archangel warns that he will escort them to the gates of hell! _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The message (readable on has already been received by many politicians, Italians and Europeans, in fact they have already started talking about it in party newspapers, but facts are needed.



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