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I am Michael, servant, General, Archangel of our God.

Today I am here with you, because Jesus our God loves you so much, he wants you to be converted and wants to take you all with him into the kingdom of heaven.

The Lord is sad because of you, because among you there are children who instead of praying and honoring God with prayer and works, offend and insult him with blasphemy and the works of satan. These are very serious things; all who commit this are cursed and will suffer in this world and will have to pray a lot to see the light of the Almighty. I tell you that the night of blasphemers will one day be illuminated by a rain of fire that will burn the spirit and torment the soul for eternity. Repent while you are in time and honor the Lord with the prayer and works that Jesus taught you.

God the father loved his son, he consoled him in the darkest moment of earthly life and the son honored his father by offering his blood for all of you.

Now among you there are fathers who exploit their children and abandon them to themselves, just as there are children who do the same thing with their fathers.

These will not see the light of God, but will sleep the sleep of death and only at the end will they be awakened by satan to be led to the eternal fire, and when weeping they will turn to me I will answer: "You were told, now I can do nothing. because it is the last day and the justice of the Most High must be applied ”.

You still have time, repent and no longer do these works, pray to Christ who is merciful and will forgive you, because everything a son does is welcome to the father.

All those who, baptized in the church of God and consecrated with the seal of Christ, seek the Most High by other ways and other creeds, commit grave sin, know that the only way to reach God is Jesus. He himself established the Church, indicating in Peter his successor, therefore I tell you: confess, go to mass every Sunday and take Holy Communion and only in this way will you be one body with Christ.

Anyone of you who continues to live without having been united by the Church with the sacrament of marriage is in sin and only by repairing the error will he be able to present himself before God. Our Lord Jesus wants you to respect the sacrament of marriage, that you do not commit adultery, that you do not you separate, but love each other. Eventually you will be judged for the actions you have done.

I invite priests, especially those engaged in the battle against the evil one, to respect the Lenten fast and also to invite the faithful to respect fasting; only in this way will you strengthen your faith and be stronger in the battle against the forces of evil.

On the last day, know that these things were said to you.

After having remedied the errors, come, but come with repentance faith and devotion, and I Archangel Michael at the behest of the Almighty with this water will heal your spirit and the spirit will heal your soul.

Now go in peace and pray, pray, pray to our Lord Jesus.

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