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I am Michael, General and Archangel of our God.

I am here with you today at the behest of the Almighty. The Lord Jesus sent me to convert and live as He taught you.

In this time Satan makes you believe that evil does not exist, but it is not true: know that there is Hell and Heaven and remember that the only way to get to God is Jesus.
Many of you pretend to be happy, but in reality they are sad because they seek happiness in earthly things and do not find it: true happiness, true joy, true peace, you will find it only when you abandon yourselves totally to Jesus; you must live knowing that you are passing through and the other life is the eternal one.
Many of you go to the house of the Lord and, instead of listening to the word of Jesus, look and criticize the brother who is next to you, then go out of the house of the Lord and, instead of glorifying God by putting his teachings into practice, you offend him with your behaviors; when your brother needs you, instead of helping him, you humiliate and judge him. Shame on you: you are hypocrites.

Who are you to judge, who are you to oppress your brother?

You are not even worthy to name the Lord Jesus.

Repent, convert and honor the Lord Jesus, glorify God with your life, remember that you will be judged for the actions you have done.
The Lord is sad because many of you say you are Christians, but they are not because they kill innocent men even before you are born: remember the fifth commandment. Repent while you are in time and do not become stained with this sin anymore.

Who are you to prevent God's will?

Pray to our Lord Jesus and sin no more.
Those of you anointed and consecrated to the Lord are not always closed inside the temples of God: your task is to announce the word of Jesus to all humanity; go out, go to the squares and announce the Gospel to the people, especially to those who do not believe, invite them to the Lord's table and explain the importance of the sacraments. Jesus preached to the peoples, you too do the same.
Satan wants to induce humanity to self-destruct, but the Most High has sent me to prevent this from happening. All the men of the world are children of God, therefore being all brothers you must not live offending God, but you must live together in this world in harmony and peace.

Unfortunately, many of you believe that you are cultured and powerful and instead live in the dark, ignoring the existence of the Almighty. Pray to the Holy Trinity, so that Satan does not use these ignorant and thirsty men for matter to do evil in the world.

Pray every day and fast at least once a month, so that such men are converted to God and peace reigns in the world.
Repent and pray, pray, pray to our Lord Jesus.

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