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I Archangel Michael kneel before Jesus, and Jesus fills me with peace, love, strength and joy.

I Archangel Michael defend humanity and the Church from the enemy, and I want every man to open his heart and convert to Jesus, as Jesus opens it to every single man, you are all important, in fact every human being is entrusted with a guardian angel to guide and guard him, when you are in danger or faced with difficult choices, your guardian angel speaks to you and advises you in your unconscious, but many times your hearts are not open to Jesus, and you do not feel the presence of your angel guardian that Jesus has entrusted to you.

Know that your guardian angel always prays for you and your salvation, your guardian angel loves you and is always close to you, and when you pray to our Lord Jesus, your guardian angel rejoices and rejoices, and prays together with you.

I Archangel Michael by the will of God I ask you: what day 29 of each month you men gather and together with your guardian angels pray to our Lord Jesus, and I Archangel Michael will come down from heaven and I will be there among you and I will pray together with you .

Display the image of the sacred heart of Jesus, invoke the Holy Spirit, recite the angelic crown, the holy rosary with Mary Queen of angels and the prayer to the sacred heart of Jesus, so that every man opens his heart to Jesus our God.

Every Sunday go to mass and be in communion with Christ, live the Gospel and proclaim the Gospel,

Families suffer the attack of Satan and unfortunately, being one of the spouses far from Jesus, they separate.

Families are strengthened in faith by going to mass and living the Gospel so that Satan cannot destroy them.

Welcome the brothers who unfortunately have nowhere to eat and where to sleep and after having nourished them in the body they can also nourish themselves in the soul by listening to the Holy Gospel and nourishing themselves on the body of Jesus.

I want you to come to at least one of the two pilgrimages to Mount San Salvatore in Petralia, where I Archangel Michael consecrated that spring of water, and whoever comes in prayer, faith and repentance, at the behest of the Almighty I will free him from all evil.

I Archangel Michael I bless you all, be soldiers and messengers of Christ so that under my protection you can live and proclaim the Gospel.

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